Smart ideas for furniture developed over years through partnerships with top furniture manufacturers.



The development staff and technologists are a team of more than 20 engineers who work with furniture manufacturers to create new dedicated solutions for sofas and corner sofas, beds, recliners, chairs, and tables, always eager to solve customers' problems.


Supporting the engineering work is an in-house prototyping shop equipped with technologies that allow making product samples in a short time, often without the need for advanced expensive tools. In addition, the in-house tool room allows professional and fast implementation of prototypes for serial production.


Bespoke products account for the majority of our company's manufacturing volume. In this way, we have long partnered with top furniture factories and support their success in the furniture market. Together, we have developed products that improve furniture ergonomics, functionality, and design, such as mechanisms for footrests, armrests, and backrests, as well as modern sleeping functions in sofas and a rich collection of furniture legs and bases. These products are unique on the furniture market.